Sandra Bullock – Bambi Awards (german speech)

This is a rare clip of Sandra Bullock winning an award in germany and her speech is all in fluent, very good german. very interesting and cool.:)For Translat…

25 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock – Bambi Awards (german speech)

  1. What year did the event took place and who are the man in glasses and woman
    in the audience the camera shows? Thanks.

  2. Those who want to learn the most advanced practices learn English. Germans
    used to be the most advanced nation in the world- they just never seem to
    have recovered from their swing into socialism- which usually requires
    strict conformity. Even presently they are cracking down on home-schooling.
    Americans have had a long tradition of rugged individualism, which is
    probably why socialism has a hard time getting established here. One thing
    I do admire about Germans- they seem to like to travel.

  3. Who are these woman and man in glasses sitting together that camera shows
    And in what year this award ceremony took place?
    Thanks for the answers.

  4. She is half German, her mom is German opera singer. Sandra lived in German
    for twelve years while she was little. German languages is part of her
    mother tongue. 

  5. absolutely not true, you must have been talking to all the turkish
    immigrants living there or old people

  6. Reading your comment, I think you need to learn English properly before you
    criticise others!

  7. Sandra Bullock is American and lots of Americans are multilingual. There
    dumbass, I just proved you wrong.

  8. Sadly, yes. A lot of countries have English as a class in their schools,
    and what do Americans have? No languages at all, in the public schools at
    least, to my knowledge. To learn anything, you have to go do it yourself.

  9. That’s not fair. I’ve come across many people in France, in Croatia who
    speak only one language.

  10. It was my experience upon hearing that Justin Bieber can speak French. Uh.
    No he can’t. He just knows a few words here and there.

  11. That’s an incredibly myopic view of the world. Why should everyone know
    English? I’d love to be able to live in Europe, to be surrounded by all
    those languages, and to have the opportunity to visit so many countries in
    order to learn at least a little of each of them.

  12. Who gives a crap about Madonna, and what does this have to do with Sandra

  13. Typical burro attitude. Keep pumping yourself up with your great knowledge
    of Spanish. Congrats for living among stupid!

  14. You speak 4 languages and don’t know how to put together a complete thought
    or a sentence? Go back to school and learn to write retard. LOL

  15. Where in Germany did you live? You can say whatever you want? You are a
    champ. No wonder you say Germans don’t know English. Germans don’t like
    b.s. Nobody talked to you…LOL

  16. You do not have to comfort us, we do not ask any anglo american to speak
    Spanish. We speak both languages unlike you retard.

  17. Oh its so in fashion to hate America these days, what a witty comment, do
    you want a cookie? where do you think she is from asswipe?

  18. They can speak English in Germany, they just do not understand why they
    have to do it in their own country. That’s why I don’t speak Spanish in
    USA. It is not my duty to comfort the Hispanics. When in Rome…

  19. Not everyone can learn a language that easily. The older you get, the
    harder it is to learn new languages as you’re so used to the structures of
    your first that it makes it difficult to learn structures of the other.
    Just because English is your first language, doesn’t give you the right to
    judge people in their own country on what is NOT their mother tongue.
    Become 100% bilingual or become a polyglot before judging and being so

  20. well, english is a universally known language and wherever country i visit
    i’d meet people who speak it fluently or at least know few. I dont need to
    learn the language of the country i’m visiting because they can understand
    me when i talk to them in english. We’re not talking about north korea or
    3rd world country, we’re talking about germany!! of course they must learn

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